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It represents Venus, the planet and the goddess. It is the universal symbol for female. It is associated with Friday, the goddess Aphrodite and the country of Cyprus. It is copper.

Copper has remarkable properties and sensuous beauty, and so has been valued and worked by mankind for nearly 10,000 years. It has played many roles  – in tools, weaponry, items of worship, jewelry and the decorative arts. Since peoples’ first efforts to create objects that represent beauty, power, and a connection to the earth, copper has been a favorite material.

Copper’s relatives in the periodic table are silver and gold. Like them, it is highly malleable (able to be worked into different forms), highly ductile (conductive of heat and electricity) and is renowned for its beauty, with its lustrous reddish gold hue and tendency to patinate to a number of colors, and turn colors when heated.

Today the millions of miles of copper wire on our planet form a network that transmits much of the energy and knowledge of civilization. Copper pipe and tubing carry much of our water. On a more basic level, we still respond to its attractive and oddly changeable appearance.

Copper is an essential nutrient to all high plants and animals.  It is also a diminishing resource … with an estimated 61 years of supply left  (New Scientist, May 23, 2007).

Moon Waves – Abstract Metal Wall Art

Copper Art by Mark Malizia
Our designer Mark Malizia has been creating metal wall art for almost 30 years.  Keen observations of nature inspire this self-taught craft. Mark has held a relentless passion for fishing all his life. It has endured because he is not only drawn to the big catch, but the awe-inspiring beauty of the sea. He is fascinated by the interplay of light, movement and form found on the ocean. This is realized in the unique depths and finishes of Copper Art.


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