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What better way to bring calm and comfort into your bedroom decorating than by using a beach theme? There are lots of ways to make your bedroom one of your favorite seaside haunts. Give these ideas a try:

It’s All about the Color
Color often makes or breaks a room, and beach theme bedrooms are no different. There are a few different ways to use color in a beach themed bedroom. If you want to have a nautical theme, then think of red, white and blues. If you want to go with a more tropical sunshine feel, you have your choice of going with bright, vibrant colors, pastel colors, or some combination of the two. Whether you go down the nautical road or the tropical road is a matter of personal preference – along the lines of whether your ideal beach vacation is more Cape Cod or Caribbean islands.

The Right Furniture
The best furniture for your new beach bedroom should incorporate natural elements from seaside environments. Look for polished driftwood, teak, bamboo, and wicker accessories that inspire that beach feeling. Lighter shades of wood work best for beach themed decorating, although darker pieces can be incorporated into nautical themes.

Starfish Hook

Hand carved wooden starfish mounted on metal frame with single hook

After you have chosen your colors and picked your furniture, you need all of the right accessories to pull the look together. Seashells, anchors, hand carved ocean animals, our hand carved Wooden Starfish Hook – all of these things will give your room those finishing beach inspired touches.


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A fun decorating tip for those of you lucky enough to already enjoy cottage living, try introducing some subtle coastal accents to your decor with the addition of some hand crafted sculptures made by your favorite folk artisan.

As a wonderful ‘tongue in cheek’ way to diffuse lighting glare, utilize random fish sculptures as wall sconces. Where? Anywhere there is a need. Sky’s the limit! The Dolphin Abstract sculpture would be fantastic in the kitchen or breakfast room.


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