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Today we uploaded to our Facebook page a special collection of wooden and metal wall art turtles for all of you terrapin, tortoise or sea turtle enthusiasts. Click HERE to enjoy our favorite 15!


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Many of us are fortunate enough to know someone who has a beach house.  The beauty behind knowing someone at the beach is getting an invite to visit!

But, what about a thank you gift? A bottle of wine or a food basket is a nice gesture, but quite temporary if you think about it.  Next time you want to give a coastal gift to someone, consider hand crafted art as far more thoughtful,  and classy.  If you really hit a home run and the recipients love your nautical gift, perhaps the next time they take a look at their unique sculpture, they will think of you …“you know, we ought to have them back for another visit”.  Remember, an invite is great.  A second invite is better. Give a gift that lasts!

Here’s a great idea. Our stately seagull, quiet in his repose on a seaside piling, hand carved with a washed finish.

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