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Hand painted metal wall flowers

When you are displaying metal art on your wall, you will want to consider the shape of the wall as well as its size. You will also want to consider  lighting and angles so  the sculpture is attractive from various viewpoints in the room.

Two rules to keep in mind:

  1. Hang your wall art over a piece of furniture that is larger than the artwork.  If you hang a large picture over a small piece of furniture, then you will make the proportion of the furniture look a little off in your room.
  2. Make sure your painting is in proportion to your space. If you hang a small picture on a large wall, it will simply look lost and it will also throw off your room’s proportions.

Where to hang your wall art?
Generally five feet is considered a comfortable height. When you are using the five-foot guideline, it refers to the center of the piece of art. There are exceptions. In rooms where people tend to be sitting, you may want to hang your piece of art even lower on the wall.

While you can use wall art to inspire an entire room’s design, you can also use it to manipulate the size and shape of your room. For example, if you want the ceiling to appear taller than it actually is, you can orient your picture’s center lower than five feet, and if you want your ceiling to look lower, you can hang your pictures a littler higher on the wall. If you are creating this illusion, make sure that there is no furniture around your painting, because, the furniture will destroy the illusion that you are creating by reorienting your eye to the ceiling.

You can also hang a grouping of art to create an illusion of height or width. Hang your artwork vertically if you want your room to feel taller and hang them horizontally to create a more expansive feeling to your room.


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